Artist Statement

Stylization is one of the most exciting aspects of a creative process. It connects one’s first impression of the world around with a subsequent expression about this experience. Results of such an individual interpretation sometimes can be powerful enough to convince the others, and inspire nations to use them for centuries. Concept of the language is a good example of this stylization when various symbols are supposed to represent different meanings.

Any given language can express these meanings with numerous medias, such as: sound, color, gesture, line, etc. Each media has its own initially limited number of primary elements; however, their further combinations are infinite.

Geometry is another example for concept of stylization which serves the purpose of visualizing a space-time relationship between different events. Geometrical shapes can help one to simplify and organize any complicated perceptions of changing reality.

All my projects are united by the same conceptual subject matter, which is expressed by looking at three primary forms: the square, triangle and circle. Although the concept is general, it is broken into specific series, which are dedicated to certain aspects of relationship between these forms.

These primary forms represent three beginnings of a visual language. Their conjunction produces an infinite number of characters. Once selected characters are put together in a certain arrangement, they create unified images, which can be seen as a pure abstraction, or have reference to something more representational.

The impression, with which one may be left comparing a likeness of three primary forms, in combination, and letters from alphabet, may elicit an infinite array of visual dramas. Each combination is not simply an intellectual exercise. All of them meant to be calligraphic and poetic.

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