SONNETS (2002-2004)

This body of work is called “18 Squared Sonnets”. The conceptual idea for this body of work is suggested by the analogy with structures of a classic poem. In poetry, these rhythmical and rhyming structures develop into the most intimate and passionate fantasies. The use of intriguing line configurations, sensual color sets and organic materials allows each visual transformation to evolve from the geometrical abstraction to the stylistic representation. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION TO THE STATEMENT Each one of 18 Sonnets is dedicated to a certain theme comprised of a two-sided image. Both sides of each image have the same silhouette, so that they represent both frontal and rear views of the chosen theme. The structure of the images is based on grid. There are three different grid systems, which separate the Sonnets into groups of specific sizes: the smallest pieces (3×3 inches) are comprised of 16 units; the next size (6×6 inches) is comprised of 9 units; the largest pieces (9×9 inches) are comprised of 4 units. Since the larger amounts of units within a grid make them smaller in size, the use of grid here is to create an impression, that the relationship between all image sizes within different grid systems is not about being larger or smaller, but about being closer or further apart. Even though there is only one imaginary theme for each Sonnet, its configurations of the two-sided image appear in two versions within a given theme. These versions could be compared to poetic stanzas. The idea of providing each Sonnet with two stanzas influences the way that all sonnets should be displayed. As two stanzas are lined up together, they should be faced in opposite directions, so that one of the frontal sides in first stanza reveals itself with one of the rear sides in second stanza from the same viewing point simultaneously. All stanzas are made of clear Plexiglas squares with insets of different materials put in between each layer. Despite the differences in size and grid system, each stanza is centered inside of the (12x12x2 inches) clear Plexiglas frame-box to give an illusion of the piece hanging in the air.